The Guild Program

The Guild Program is one of the things that makes All-of-Us a truly unique experience for the youth involved.

When not on stage, participants are given the option of which crew they’d like to work on; Sets, Props, Costumes, Makeup, Lights, Sound, all of which are Guild Crews. A Guild Crew means that youth who would like to can try and earn an Apprentice Badge, then a Journeymen Badge, and finally a Masters Badge, after which they can be Youth Crew Heads and be in charge of it themselves. This allows them to hone their, design, building, and leadership skills. They can be a member of the Production team, allowing them to see how a production is built from the ground up.

All youth members start towards their apprentice badge when they’re placed on a crew, no special sign up required, but if they’re interested in going further into the Guild Program, they should speak with their crew heads for more crew-specific information.

There are also the Directing and Stage Management Guilds, which a Youth member can join upon earning an Apprentice Badge in either Sets or Props, Costumes of Makeup, and Lights or Sound. If you/your child are interested in either Directing or Stage managing, they should speak to our Artistic Director Liz Cooke for more details.