Studio Class

Fahrenheit 451

Prior to the class beginning, students will be asked to read the book Fahrenheit 451 (a book will be provided at the time of registration). Each Class will serve as a rehearsal. This time will be spent learning the material and focusing on acting skills as well as character development. 

As a group, students will determine how the set (using acting blocks), costumes (minimal), props, lighting, and sound should work throughout the show. With the guidance of the teacher (who will serve as director), the students will learn how to create a show using a Theater in the Round. The class will culminate in a one-time performance open to the public.

The studio class will be taught by a qualified theater professional who is also a teacher at East Lansing High School and Macdonald Middle School.

TIME FRAME: Classes would begin January 12th and would continue most Saturdays ending in May

Classes will be 8:30a.m. – 12:30p.m.

COST: Registration cost is $200 per student. This includes the book, script, and any production costs. Any other costs that may come up will be optional.

All classes will take place at the Hannah Community Center:
819 Abbot Road East Lansing, MI – (517)333-2580

CODE: 901091-A
Use this code when registering for this course