Nonprofit Board

Board of Trustees

Matt Treadwell, President
Paul Beczkiewicz, Vice President
Todd Vanderbur, Secretary
Jeffrey D’Valentine, Treasurer

Board Members
Andy Boyan
Adam Denton
Courtney Riggins
Jen Van Der Heide
Peter VanZwoll

Youth Board Members
Audrey Tieman
Addy Vanderbur


All-of-us Express Children’s Theatre (AECT) is a community-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees elected at the annual membership meeting held each September. Officers are elected by the Board during the annual membership meeting in September.

The Artistic Director, show Directors, Stage Managers, Crew Heads/Supervisors and Instructors are employed through the City of East Lansing Division of Parks, Recreation and Arts (ELPRA); they are not employed by or supervised by the AECT Board of Trustees. AECT board members and officers are volunteers.