All-of-us Express Children’s Theatre

Committee Structure

The organizational structure of AECT will be as follows.  Each committee will be chaired by a current Board member.  Committees may consist of Board and community members.

All of the following report to the Board of Trustees:

Executive Committee

Co-President: Katie Brewer

Co-President: Adrienne Yates

Vice President: Andy Boyan

Co-Secretary: Todd Vanderbur

Co-Secretary Adam Denton

Co-Treasurer: Cynthia Wright-Pratt

Co-treasurer: Jeff D’Valentine

Grants/Sponsorships Committee:

Andy Boyan (Chair)

Cynthia Wright-Pratt

Adam Denton

Jen Van Der Heide

Kathleen Miller

Fundraising Committee:

Adrienne Yates (Chair)
Katie Brewer
Addy Vanderbur
Liz Cooke
Amelia Rogocka

Membership Committee

Katie Brewer (Chair)
Todd Vanderbur
Morgan Pohl

Nominations Committee

Sara Frank Hepfer (Chair)

Operations Committee:

Cynthia Wright (Chair)

Website Committee:

Morgan Pohl

Andy Boyan

Newsletter Committee:

Todd Vanderbur

Social Media Committee:

Liz Cooke