All-of-us Express Children’s Theatre

Committee Structure

The organizational structure of AECT will be as follows.  Each committee will be chaired by a current Board member.  Committees may consist of Board and community members.

All of the following report to the Board of Trustees:

Executive Committee

President: Katie Brewer
Vice President: Adrienne Yates
Secretary: Todd Vanderbur
Treasurer: Cynthia Wright-Pratt

Grants/Sponsorships Committee:

Cynthia Wright-Pratt (Chair)
Andy Boyan
Adrienne Yates
Kathleen Miller

Fundraising Committee:

Adrienne Yates (Chair)
Katie Brewer
Shelby Brewer
Addy Vanderbur
Andy Callis
Liz Cooke
Amelia Rogocka

Membership Committee

Katie Brewer (Chair)
Ellison Winterstein
Todd Vanderbur
Morgan Pohl

Nominations Committee

Sara Frank Hepfer (Chair)
Andy Callis
Marsha Parrott-Boyle

Operations Committee:

Cynthia Wright (Chair)

Website Committee:

Morgan Pohl

Newsletter Committee:

Todd Vanderbur

Social Media Committee:

Liz Cooke